About Us

At Kay-Lon Bedding, we are dedicated to providing premium quality bedding & accessories for children of diverse backgrounds. We selected fabrics soft enough for the tender skin of a newborn baby. My daughter always loved my sheets because they were not as comfortable as her "princess" sheets that were pilling. My daughter wanted bed sheets with a little girl that looked like her. At the time, I looked and was unable to find any. It was then the idea of creating a bed sheet that resembled her was thought of and Kay-Lon Bedding was brought to fruition. I wanted to ensure the sheets I created, were as comfortable as mine yet gentle enough for her sensitive skin as she suffered from eczema. Quality is one thing that should be synonymous with Kay-Lon Bedding. Comfortable sheets that properly fit your bed are essential to a good nights rest and even more so for a child. We offer 100% Cotton Sateen with 300 TC as well as 100% microfiber fabrics that double as breathable and lightweight for children to be able to sleep well.


In a time where representation is paramount, we thought bedding was a niche that required attention. Giving our children the confidence of being in their skin creates a higher propencity of them being successful.


We have nostalgic sheets that will have you as parents remembering your childhood.